Old Days

So today was incredibly busy, driving around with my mum preparing for my driving test. But as promised I did buy lots of vintage books today – pics of which will be coming soon…

So for today, since its so warm I thought I’d take a look back at some of my old school artwork and see how things have changed over this past year.

Above was my final A level work based on the myth of Ariadne and Bacchus.

I also reworked a vintage book – (hence my love of them). This all started from researching book artists, such as Su Blackwell.

Above is a page from the book- which can be seen clearer here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/39479210/little-old-doll-with-a-frown-a4-matte

Again sorry about the small pictures, but I’m posting from my laptop because my main pc seems to dislike this heat. This was another page from the book.

And just because its hot – some pictures from past summers.

Being a Ghost

Versailles back in the 90’s

Sheep in New Zealand.

Sorry about the randomness of the post – I’m super busy this week! Tomorrow after work I shall be back to normal posting, with better pics!

Grace xxx


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