So this week and last has been incredibly busy, hence the lack of posting. But thankfully today I’ve found the time to finish off some new pieces for the shop that I’ve been working on!  These pictures are all based on images from one of my favourite magazines, Lula. These two will be available as prints in the shop this week!

Actress Shelley Duvall (below) – shes collected antique illustrated fairytale books since she was 17.

Ps.. My driving test is this week – wish me luck! 🙂

Grace xxx


2 thoughts on “Lula

  1. Dear Grace Hamilton,

    I saw your drawing of Shelley Duvall and I would like to request the authorisation to publish it in a book I am working on about Danish fashion designer Peter Jensen ( Peter has been working for ten years and titled his collections the name of a muse (“Shelley” or “Gertrude” inspired respectively by Shelley Duvall and Gertrude Stein, for example). They are varied and from different realms such as film characters, writers, sportswomen or indeed actors. The clothes are not strictly an illustration of the muse but somehow start from it. The book presents pretty much everything he has done. At the back of it, we would like to have short biographies of the muses and to illustrate each one of them we are looking for something more interesting than a straightforward “official” portrait.
    I am particularly interested in your drawing as, perhaps in a similar manner to Peter’s work, it derives from a well known photograph of Shelley Duvall but is transformed by your skills and interests into something unique.
    The book accompanies an exhibition at the kunstindustrimuseet in Copenhagen this Summer.
    If you have any questions about this, I will be happy to answer.

    Thank you in advance

    Bryn Lloyd

  2. Hi Bryn,
    I’m definatley interested in being included – thank you so much for asking! Peter Jensen is a wonderful designer.
    My email address is – so if you could contact me there with further details about what you need, or how you would like me to send the image.

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