Fairytale Queen…

Here’s a little progression of my weekend work…

Stage One… pencil drawing on watercolour paper, shaded with watercolour pencils

Stage two… I pencilled in the waves of hair and shaded  with black watercolour pencil.  Then added water to blend it.

Stage three… pen and ink the crown detail

Stage four… added background smudges to test colour ideas

Stage five… I actually missed just layering on colours and experimenting, so I kinda went crazy with ink, acrylic and watercolour.. et voila!  – I hope you like it! Either prints or the original will be up for sale soon.

Have a good night all!!

Grace xxx

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2 thoughts on “Fairytale Queen…

  1. You are really good. My husband is an artist too and he has a bit of trouble with faces sometimes. Still he is very good and so are you. Do you find that the face is the hardest part of the picture or do they come naturally to you? My son no trouble at all. I love the queen, did you plan for her to look so much like Jackie O?

    1. Hi, thanks so much for your kindness! I find faces quite easy to draw, but the expression on them is more difficult, and usually comes across by an accidental pencil mark or line somewhere – and that somehow changes the face and conveys the feeling I wanted. It’s all up to chance sometimes! My favourite parts are drawing the eyes, lips and hair! Ohh I didnt notice she looked like Jackie O! x

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