Early Presents!

So recently I’ve been very lucky indeed and received some lovely early Christmas presents from a few of my friends! I absolutley adore them all, and can’t thank them enough!

First up is Fifi Lapin’s Book ‘What Shall I Wear Today?’ from my lovely friend Lauren. I’ve been a huge fan of Fifi the rabbit and her outfits via her blog http://fifi-lapin.blogspot.com/. And now I can look at all the little details whenever I want! The illustrations are adorable, and its got some interesting interviews with some of my favourite designers! Not to mention fashion tips and general cuteness!

Next up is the cutest little fellow from my friend Clare…

It’s LEGO Harry Potter!

I am currently OBSESSED with the Nintendo Wii game, so this little guy is perfection!

And finally, some gorgeous jewellry I’ve had my eye on … so i guess I’ll just call them early presents to myself… from myself!

(the heart and hairclip are from Accessorize – and the squirrel and balloonist from h&m)

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

Grace xxx


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