Interview: Jaclyn Bethany of ‘Audrey Grace Boutique’

Meet Jaclyn the owner of up and coming ‘Audrey Grace Boutique’. She kindly answered some of my questions…

Hello Jaclyn, Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi of course. My name is Jaclyn Bethany and I am currently studying
acting at Fordham University in NYC. I love acting, singing, fashion,
travelling, magazines and my dog, Roxy (pictured below)!


How did you come up with the idea of Audrey Grace Boutique?
It’s always been a dream of mine to open a store. The women in my
family are very fashionable and my mom is very much into fashion and
has inspired me to start a store. I can say that I have always been
surrounded by fashion- there are pictures of me walking in my
Grandmother’s high heels at The Plaza hotel when I was about two!
I suppose now felt like the right time to open a store because I felt
like there was a gap in the retail market, especially where I live in
Mississippi. I feel like so many girls from all over share my
aesthetic and want to buy clothes and accessories that can really
reflect their individual style. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are two
women that anyone in the world can relate to. They both have such
iconic style that women all over want to have!
What inspires you most about Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly?
I think that they were both such fantastic actresses and that they were
first famous for being talented, and then for their style. You don’t
really get that today in Hollywood. They both had such a unique quality
when they performed.
Both of them were also very family orientated, although they dealt with
their fame, too. I think that is also very relatable to women today.
And of course, their style! I don’t think anyone will ever be able to
live up to the legacies both of these women left. Ms. Hepburn brought
the little black dress- a wardrobe staple- to the masses, and Grace
Kelly was America’s princess. They were both so classy and elegant in
their wardrobe staples.

Name some of the clothing labels and artists that will be available at
Audrey Grace Boutique?
So many! And it’s growing every day!
Just to give you a peek- some clothing brands that will be available
are TBA (pictured on Alexa Chung below), Up in The Wooden Hills, Alexandra Grecco, Elizabeth Lau, Alice
Takes a Trip, Katie-Louise Ford, Dear Creatures, Rachel Antonoff,
Eleanor’s Riot, Lady Petrova, etc. Some of these designers are still
being confirmed, but you can get an idea of what I’m going for.
There are a lot of accessories brands too that will be stocked such as
Alice Takes a Trip, Lunatic,, Cleo Ferin, Penny Masquerade,
Eugenie Oldenberg, The Secret Tea Party, and Electric Eccentricity.
There will be vintage and lots of surprises, too. I’m also working with
designers on custom pieces and collaborations for the shop!
As far as art goes there are pieces by you, The Secret Tea Party, Calla
O’Malley, Caitlin Shearer and EmmaKisstina, Tabitha Emma, Lina
Carrillo, among others. The art will decorate the shop, and will also
be for sale.
I am also working with some artists from home- my friends Doralee
Malouf and Anne-Marie Mueschke, who I am also working with to create a
top secret book for the shop!

When and where will it be??
It’s going to begin life as a pop up shop in my hometown- Jackson,
Mississippi opening in November and will be open throughout the
Christmas holidays. I’m also starting a blog and hopefully most of the
stock will be available online! Eventually I hope it can become a stand
alone shop that will be open all the time, in Jackson and NYC or
London- but this is wayyyyyy down the line.

(above – some of my work for the shop)
Your favourite Hepburn/ Kelly films?
I think Breakfast at Tiffany’s will always be my absolute favourite
Audrey film. I’ve had several Breakfast at Tiffanys themed parties. We
are planning on painting the shop Tiffany’s blue!
And My Fair Lady. Although Audrey Hepburn didn’t really sing in this
film unfortunately, she will always be Eliza for me. But I’m a Julie
Andrews fan, too actually so I don’t know! I heard they are remaking
this, so that will be interesting to see. I would love to pay Eliza
onstage one day.
As far as Grace, I love To Catch a Thief and the other films she did
with Hitchcock such as Rear Window. She’s so stunning in To Catch a
Thief- and during filming she met Prince Rainer, so it’s also got a bit
of fairy tale element involved.


Some favourite pictures of Audrey/ Grace?
Any picture of Audrey and her yorkie, Famous. He reminds me of my dog.
Also some of the ones she did with Cecil Beaton during the My Fair Lady
shoot are stunning.
As for Grace, I love the shots of her wedding. And then the ones of her
in her Oscar dress are lovely. But it’s hard to decide! These women
look good in every photograph!

What is your favourite creative thing to do?
I would say acting and singing. Performing has always been my number
one focus. I love shopping, but it’s def. more of a hobby. Acting and
singing are passions for me. I’m travelling to both London and Sydney
for acting programs and internships this summer, so I am very excited.
When I graduate next year, I plan to stay in NY or go to graduate
school for acting. All of this might change, though, but that’s
currently the plan! I will also pick up some stuff for the store on my
Favourite piece of clothing?
My Chanel dress. It’s a little black dress from the Resort 2011 Saint
Tropez Collection.
Also, all my clothes and dresses by Luella (my favourite- I am so sad
she’s no longer), Orla Kiely, Rachel Antonoff, Erin Fetherston and Mulberry. I
have a couple of amazing vintage pieces I picked up in London last
summer, too.
For shoes its Miu Miu, I have pairs from the past two collections. They
are amazing! Basically I have a lot of favourite pieces!
On my wish list is more TBA and I am also obsessed with the Australian
brand Lover, and more Chanel of course!
What is your favourite fairytale?
Alice in Wonderland. There will be a lot of Alice in Wonderland inspired
pieces in the shop, too. I visited in Alice’s Shop in Oxford a couple
of summers ago, and it was amazing! I love the journey Alice takes and
all the wonderful people (and things) she runs into along the way. Also
the relationship between Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) and Alice
Liddell is very interesting to me.
Also Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan. I only had fairy tale
themed birthdays as a child.
This is not a fairy tale, but I also find Marie Antoinette fascinating.
Her clothes were amazing. But she was certainly not the best queen!

Some favourite blogs?
I really like The Cherry Blossom Girl, Wish Wish Wish, Daydream Lily,
Wayward Daughter, Honey Kennedy, Lula Scrapbook, Liebemarlene, Style
Bubble, Polli, and I like various shop’s and artists blogs. Basically
anything that transports me and keeps me inspired! There’s also a great
online magazine, called Matchbook based out of the U.S. It’s great!


Thanks so much Jaclyn!

For more information and updates please check out:

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