Films of Sofia Coppola…

Some Audrey Grace Boutique collages…

Marie Antoinette

The Virgin Suicides…

Grace xxx



102 thoughts on “Films of Sofia Coppola…

  1. OMG, this is just awesome. what a coincidence. i just posted one of Sofia Coppola’s ads on my own blog. i wish i could live in one of her films or Dior ads. even if it meant i’d be beheaded. all the pastriiieeeees!

  2. Wow the details in the hair…great work! Visiting the Palace of Versailles was probably my favorite part of my whole honeymoon. It was the most exquisite environment I’ve ever seen.

  3. You have a very beautiful blog. I love your vintage style and art (especially hand-drawn and painted) so I subscribed! Movies are also very inspiring to me, too. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow! These are amazing! It’s so artistic and detailed! Both are my favorite Sophia Coppola movies and they are great tragic characters. Very well done!

  5. Lovely, evocative collages. You’ve made me curious to see the film, which didn’t attract my attention from its advertisements or press. Ms. Coppola should hire YOU to promote her films!

  6. I’m actually living in Versailles right now! It’s crazy. I need to re-watch Marie Antoinette, as it’s one of my favorites and now I–without even trying–ended up living here! Life is crazy like that! Hopefully I keep my head about me.

  7. I have been a big fan of the film, Marie Antoinette since it came out. visited Versailles a couple years ago and it deepened my appreciation for the woman, her life, the unfairness of her story. There is a monument in downtown Paris on the spot where she lost her head, and it is touching that the French continue to appreciate her, despite some of the things that were said about her. You go to Paris, you take the short train trek to Versailles, and you stand on the edge of the garden and you see what she saw when she stood there. There is also a small garden tucked away on the grounds that she commissioned to look like an Austrian village. She took her children here to play. It, too, is beautiful in its contrast to the formal gardens elsewhere on the estate. I did not like the palace, and especially disliked most of the art in the palace, but the grounds are spectacular.

  8. Simply stunning – you have beautifully captured the magic of Sofia Coppola’s films in collage form. You are very talented!

  9. Very pretty and ethereal, great work!
    Lost in Translation is one of my all time favourite films, there’s so much beautiful imagery. I’m sure it’ll come out really well!

  10. Fantastic collages! I can see you have made Marie Antoinette a symbol for so many evocative hopes, dreams and desires, and very nicely done too… I have a French cousin, married to a diplomat, who currently lives in New York, and she has started a business making and selling brioches, called, funnily enough, “Let them eat brioches”. This is (allegedly) what Marie Antoinette really said. I’ve referenced Sophia Coppola’s film in my own blog, under the entry for The Milk Tray Approach – too much to explain here, but you can check it out leter at:

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