I’d be yours, if you’d be mine.

Lately I’ve been waiting around to make some changes.  I’ve had a crazy few months already and so now we come to April and I’m taking apart my room ready for decorating. All my pictures are off the walls and everything is in boxes. This is where I’ve sat and drawn everything, where my entire body of work has come from. My room was like a work of art in itself. But now I’m ready for the next chapter.

Today I’ve uncovered so many things I’d forgotten about. Unfinished drawings and photos and words that mean so much to me. Change is never easy but its time for a new outlook – and I dont feel the same way about things as I used to. I even found drawings from back when I was 17. And now at 22 its time for a new, more refined space to work in. Plus I have the most beautfiul antique dressing table to sit at and draw. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

IMG_7902 IMG_7904 IMG_7907 IMG_7917 IMG_7930 IMG_7952  IMG_7954 IMG_7964 IMG_7978 IMG_7981 IMG_7983 to blog1 (2) to blog1 to blog2

Grace xxx



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