I’ve had more time to draw lately. I think I forgot for a while just how much it means to me. I let life and love get in the way, and I let things change me. But if theres one thing I know its that when I draw or take pictures or hear certain songs I start to work things out in my head. I make sense of things that dont make any sense. This song was ours for a good little while. And now its all mine.

everlong - Copy


everlong - Copy (2)

IMG_0937 - Copy_edited-1

everlong - Copy (3)

Blue shirt (2)

everlong - Copy (4)

Zooey (2)

Lyrics: Everlong – The Foo Fighters

Photo taken by my bestie Lauren for Grace and the Heart Photography. Check out her lovely blog here: http://lozwold.wordpress.com/

Grace xxx

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5 thoughts on “Everlong

  1. So cool! Seen the title and wondered if that was the song and then was amazed by what you creatively did with it. Dig it! And I wonder…. If everything can ever be this real forever…

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