All of your flaws, and all of my flaws…








IMG_5433 Obsession Project with Lauren




Things round here lately have been beautiful. Bike rides in fields, working on Grace and the Heart business changes and designs, photoshoots and fun days with my best friends. Filling my time with everything and anything good. So excuse my lack of drawings here, there will be a few coming up very soon! We are working on a way to make my illustrations and our photography more cohesive, to give a complete picture of what we love to do.

And yet despite all the good times, sometimes you get setbacks. Memories are tricky when you know what you’ve lost, or what you shouldnt care about losing. You have to move on from something and someone that made you less yourself. No matter how much you let yourself love them at the time. Thats where the flaws come into play, and you regret what you did and didnt do. I’m always saying I want to live a little bit more recklessly and care a bit less. But with recklessness comes heartbreak and stupidity and regret. And with such a beautiful life here, amazing friends and adventures and the chance to truly make something of myself and my art why would I ever want to care less.

Grace xxx


10 thoughts on “All of your flaws, and all of my flaws…

  1. I was reading the statement from ed sheeran, when Exfm started to play Lego house…
    verry nice blog here XD

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