Grace Hamilton, Artist, Illustrator & Photographer.

Born and bred in Hertfordshire in the UK, I spend my days drawing pretty girls with sad faces and beautiful clothes. As an avid fairytale lover and vintage fashion enthusiast I aim to create a sense that each girl is captured in the middle of her own love story…

Welcome to my world of Song Lyrics, Red Lipstick, Fields in Summer and dreaming about falling in love…

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your artwork it’s amazing 😀 I hope you don’t mind but I mentioned your artwork in a post of mine as I used you as an artist research in my Art & Design Sketchbook for A level and posted a few pics of my sketchbook 🙂 Would reaaally appreciate if you checked it out on my blog! 😀
    Gemma x

    1. Aww Thank you thats amazing! 🙂 It wasn’t that long ago that I was referencing artists for my A levels, so I’m flattered!! Love your versions of my Downtown girls! xx

  2. Hi Grace,
    during a Jane Eyre research on Google I found your wonderful drawing and I decided to use it as my very first post in my very first and new blog. I hope you don’t mind. Your work is amazing. I will keep updated!

  3. I just came across your blog, and oh my god! Your talent is incredible. Everything you do, you do with such a marvelous romantic flare. I am so in love with all your work. So inspiring, seriously.

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  5. i am just starting to explore your site because of the inspiring beautiful artwork……..your theme of vintage beautiful women and fashion is very uplifting to me as my artwork is visually similiar..due to being in the fashion illustration industry for many years.. i am an older woman in my 70’s and still enjoy art and now find it a gift as well as a curse due to my limations from severe arthritis enjoy your youth and explore all you can while you are still vital………..the best to you …be well be happy..be..e..e..eeeeeeeeeee………..

  6. Your blog reads like a touchstone reel from a bygone motion picture era. Striking images. I love the raw handwriting appeal. Thank you for sharing your talents.
    new blogger/artist (with no art on blog yet-hopefully soon)

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