Inspiration: Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

Time and time again I come back to the Great Gatsby for inspiration. It all started a few years ago when I read the book after hearing that Carey Mulligan was going to be playing Daisy. Then I painted this…

This has proved to be one of my most successful pieces to date in the shop. The original sits on my desk right by my side as I work, and serves to remind me what a turning point it made for my art. There’s something about her and her expression that I just connect with.

So for now here’s a quick painting from the trailer! And although I now have to wait until 2013 to see this film, these beautiful images will keep me inspired!

Grace xxx

PS… Hope you all like my blog’s little makeover! ❤

What if this storm ends?


Some of my latest photo shoots, art work and songs lyrics I’m in love with.

Grace xxx

Inspiration: Fashion Scrapbook

One of my many loves other than art is fashion. This quote says it perfectly: ‘Its the difference between clothes that remind you of aesthetics and clothes that remind you of the world (of pirates or empires or summers of love).’

For the past five summers I have created fashion scrapbooks – cutting up my ever growing pile of magazines and making new images. These are from my newest book:

Grace xxx

Inspiration: Carey Mulligan

Todays theme is one of my favourite actresses Carey Mulligan, thanks to the following fashion shoot in the latest US Vogue. I love it!

(above) Carey Mulligan for Vogue US October 2010 by Peter Lindbergh

Still from one of my fave films An Education.

From upcoming film ‘Never Let me Go’ (which you may already know I’m OBSESSED with)

As a fantastic actress who seems to make wonderful film choices, she’s a perfect example for my first inspiration post!

Grace xxx

Natalia Vodianova & Ewan McGregor by Peter Lindbergh

Featured in Vogue US 2010.

I am head over heels in LOVE with this photoshoot! It feels like Mad Men – seeing a marriage fall apart whilst everything seems picture perfect. And the clothesss! *swoon* I’m loving what I’ve seen of the fall collections so far.

Not to mention Natalia – shes up there right next to Karen Elson as my favourite ever models. Which is why Louis Vuitton has made me proud with their latest ad campaign!

Grace xxx

Vintage Fair

Today my town had a vintage clothes and accesories fair – so naturally as soon as I heard I was down there rifling through rails of clothes and wishing that I owned every single bag and 1950’s sundress, and one long deep green velvet evening dress that I would have forsaken cake just to get into. Although my funds wouldn’t stretch that far, I did buy some scarves, sunglasses and my favourite purchase of the month so far – vintage Picturegoer magazines.

These are absolutley fascinating to look at, and would be perfect to frame. Everyone I’ve shown them to so far has gone ‘please dont cut those up for your art’. I keep telling them I won’t but I seem to have gotten a reputation for destroying things… These however are 100% going to stay intact, they’re too lovely to cut up.

Here’s some scans of the covers…

 Grace xxx