Today was my mum’s birthday, so we took a trip to Brighton for some sea air and sights!

Isn’t the Royal Pavilion beautiful?! We went inside and it was exquisite but unfortunatley photography wasn’t allowed (boo!)

Grace xxx

Castle Howard

So after a long weekend in Yorkshire and over 500 pictures later – I’m back home from my trip. Castle Howard was every bit as beautiful as it is in Brideshead Revisted, if not more so. Even if Brideshead isnt real, just standing before Castle Howard makes you understand just a little bit more why Charles’ desire to possess the estate overtook everything else. The idea of coming so close to such grandeur and beauty and having it within your reach would be toxic at a place like that. Theres so much elegance to take in, from the architecture to the fountains, the statues, grounds and the delicate interiors. It certainly made the perfect Brideshead.

I’ll be posting some of my pictures over the next few days – starting now with some exterior shots of the house and grounds.

(above – the mausoleum from a distance. It actually had no public access… but climbing a few fences and crossing some fields solved that. It was too beautiful to miss)

‘Temple of the Four Winds’

Grace xxx

Chatsworth House – the gardens

So as promised heres some more photos from Chatsworth…

(Above) – a shot of the exterior as set dressed into ruin for the film ‘the Wolfman’.

(Below) – the house as you enter the back gardens.

Theres a whole lot more to the gardens than just this, and so much to explore. Everything there was incredibly beautiful and relaxing. Although my feet did hurt after so much exploration!

Grace xxx

Chatsworth House

Today and this coming weekend I want to share with you old pictures from places I have been that have affected me in some way because of their beauty. I thought I’d begin with my favourite place in all of England – Chatsworth House.

Last year me, my mum and my cousin visited what I call Pemberley.. thanks to Joe Wright’s film version of Pride and Prejudice. Here are a few pictures of the things I loved the most!

Beautiful ceiling in the entrance – unfortuantley the lights were too dim to get better pictures.

We also got to see Keira Knightley’s costumes from ‘The Duchess’.

And then came the statue as seen in Pride and Prejudice… ( as well as the Mr Darcy statue)

And then to my favourite room – the statue gallery. When I was younger I was always afraid of statues and mannequins, for fear that they’d come alive at any moment. Now I still retain some of that fear, only now I am more in awe of the marble statues. They’re somehow delicate yet strong, their stillness and beauty a constant. Wherever I go now, I take pictures of statues.

Though I have hundreds of shots from this room, here are just a few…

I’ll post exterior shots of the house and garden soon!

Grace xxx