All of your flaws, and all of my flaws…








IMG_5433 Obsession Project with Lauren




Things round here lately have been beautiful. Bike rides in fields, working on Grace and the Heart business changes and designs, photoshoots and fun days with my best friends. Filling my time with everything and anything good. So excuse my lack of drawings here, there will be a few coming up very soon! We are working on a way to make my illustrations and our photography more cohesive, to give a complete picture of what we love to do.

And yet despite all the good times, sometimes you get setbacks. Memories are tricky when you know what you’ve lost, or what you shouldnt care about losing. You have to move on from something and someone that made you less yourself. No matter how much you let yourself love them at the time. Thats where the flaws come into play, and you regret what you did and didnt do. I’m always saying I want to live a little bit more recklessly and care a bit less. But with recklessness comes heartbreak and stupidity and regret. And with such a beautiful life here, amazing friends and adventures and the chance to truly make something of myself and my art why would I ever want to care less.

Grace xxx


Show me how pretty the world is…





the best21

blue shirt - Copy





high hopes20130528-150932.jpg


Plenty of beautiful things from lately. Grace and the Heart adventures with my besties, sneak peek at a fashion photoshoot I just shot for my friends final collection (more on that real soon!), and lots of things to spend days in the sun thinking about. How great is the ‘a beautiful mess’ app for photos?! And how beautiful is my little god daughter to be?! Despite a lot of changes lately, I like finding myself again in amongst everything that happened this year. And I like finding that I’ve learnt a thing or two. Now that can’t hurt.

Grace xxx


I’ve had more time to draw lately. I think I forgot for a while just how much it means to me. I let life and love get in the way, and I let things change me. But if theres one thing I know its that when I draw or take pictures or hear certain songs I start to work things out in my head. I make sense of things that dont make any sense. This song was ours for a good little while. And now its all mine.

everlong - Copy


everlong - Copy (2)

IMG_0937 - Copy_edited-1

everlong - Copy (3)

Blue shirt (2)

everlong - Copy (4)

Zooey (2)

Lyrics: Everlong – The Foo Fighters

Photo taken by my bestie Lauren for Grace and the Heart Photography. Check out her lovely blog here:

Grace xxx

I’m living on such sweet nothing

Introducing my new room. It’s finally all done and dusted! I’m so in love with it and the way I feel more like myself there now. It’s a step in the right direction of changes I want to make to my life. There has come this time where I feel that everything good and artistic and romantic that I hold dear has to start to have a place. I spend so much of my time on these beautiful ideals and notions of love that it becomes difficult to find perspective. So my new room is the place for these things, and on here of course. Now that I have my workspace back expect lots of new drawings coming soon!


best room

New room

best room1 best room2  IMG_0296 IMG_0430

Grace xxx

What if it breaks?

what if it breaks

Eternal Sunshine

maybe we can

Blue Valentine

fools rush in

kiss me

A few things from lately:

Watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Blue Valentine, lots of kissing, listening to She and Him’s cover of ‘Fools Rush in’, more kissing. Oh and sunshine (thats outside my window right this very minute!)

Also, I’ve found my way to the beautiful world of Instagram. Search for graceandtheheart for general pretty goings on, probably nerdiness, art and photography!

Grace xxx

I’d be yours, if you’d be mine.

Lately I’ve been waiting around to make some changes.  I’ve had a crazy few months already and so now we come to April and I’m taking apart my room ready for decorating. All my pictures are off the walls and everything is in boxes. This is where I’ve sat and drawn everything, where my entire body of work has come from. My room was like a work of art in itself. But now I’m ready for the next chapter.

Today I’ve uncovered so many things I’d forgotten about. Unfinished drawings and photos and words that mean so much to me. Change is never easy but its time for a new outlook – and I dont feel the same way about things as I used to. I even found drawings from back when I was 17. And now at 22 its time for a new, more refined space to work in. Plus I have the most beautfiul antique dressing table to sit at and draw. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

IMG_7902 IMG_7904 IMG_7907 IMG_7917 IMG_7930 IMG_7952  IMG_7954 IMG_7964 IMG_7978 IMG_7981 IMG_7983 to blog1 (2) to blog1 to blog2

Grace xxx