Lost in the Fields…

Top illustration based on an image from Jenny Packham’s Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.

Lyrics by Roo Panes. 

Grace xxx



Originals For Sale

Exciting Shop news today! It’s very rare that I ever sell any of my original art pieces (possibly why I’m now out of wall space to hang them).  So rather than keep them hidden in my room, these girls need the love of a good home. 


Other news – my Grace Kelly original book is up for sale in the official Audrey Grace Boutique online shop!


It was originally featured in this post – https://skiesdreamblue.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/audrey-grace-boutique-books/

Grace xxx


I’m back from my week of sun! Here’s a couple of girls from my holiday sketchbook…

Doctor Who’s Amy Pond

Dianna Agron

Brigitte Bardot

Emma Watson

Grace Kelly

Grace xxx


I’m off on my summer holiday for a week! But my sketchbook is coming with me! ❤

When I’m back theres lots of new prints for the shop, and some more prints of my popular ‘Great Gatsby’ illustration.

Back soon!

Grace xxx


Grace and the Heart

Some exciting news today! One of my long time passions alongside my illustration is photography. I’ve posted a few of my photoshoots here already, but to see more please visit my new photography site:



But don’t worry, my illustrations will still remain here! And speaking of, the lovely Denise of new website Artspirant recently interviewed me about choosing an artistic career path.

You can read it here: http://artspirant.ning.com/profiles/blogs/featured-artist


Grace xxx