Through the Glass…

Here’s a little look at things lately…

Pretty flowers, long walks, good music & painting… I’d forgotten how much I love autumn.

Grace xxx

Week In Pictures

I went all crazy fangirl and saw Glee Live!

Sneak Peeks of some commissioned work.

Painting that my Nan left to my brother.

Got the most adorable vintage book (full post on that coming soon!)

Grace xxx

Week in Pictures

On Sunday I became a Godmother to my two favourite baby boys.

obsessed with making the perfect lipstick kiss!

Iron and Wine’s  lyric booklet and my newest floral brooch.

More collages – some will be up for sale soon!

Decemberists lyrics written in ink

Got Death Cab’s new album

Currently re-reading Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate Events books.

I’ve got an exciting Illustration project I’m working on at the moment, but more on that soon!

Grace xxx