Ilustrations: Rose Tinted Glasses

Some beautiful Illustrations by my good friend and up and coming fashion designer Rebecca Suan Li Goh ❤ Please check out her new blog to spy some of my photography contributions and her incredible designs!

It’s all coming back to me now…

banished every memory IMG_2174 Haunted copy Haunted2 brick

IMG_4193 copy - Copy IMG_4989 IMG_0472

Summer time round here seems to be getting a bit hazy, and a little bit slow. Photography adventures are cut short by the sun setting too quickly. And so its time to settle back into my desk with my paintbrush! This year has changed me, broken me down, built me up and taught me so much that if I didnt have all of this I wouldnt know where to begin. I’m so thankful to be able to say that now, more than ever I know where I’m heading.

I’m so lucky to have all of you here to share this with, and I appreciate all of your lovely comments! Here’s a few pics from recent Grace & the Heart photoshoots, with a bit of a Doll with a Frown twist.

Grace xxx

It’s all I used to believe.

These past few weeks of summer have been beautiful! Bike Rides in fields, spending time with friends, lots of photoshoots, taking a road trip to Bournemouth with Steph, singing along to Matt Nathanson & Fleetwood Mac with the windows down, walking along the beach and being free. Sunshine and freedom makes everything better and its so good to take the time to adventure every once in a while. Now I’m home again it helps me see things in a new way, reminds me why I love the things that I do, and the things that I want to change.


Grace xxx

All of your flaws, and all of my flaws…








IMG_5433 Obsession Project with Lauren




Things round here lately have been beautiful. Bike rides in fields, working on Grace and the Heart business changes and designs, photoshoots and fun days with my best friends. Filling my time with everything and anything good. So excuse my lack of drawings here, there will be a few coming up very soon! We are working on a way to make my illustrations and our photography more cohesive, to give a complete picture of what we love to do.

And yet despite all the good times, sometimes you get setbacks. Memories are tricky when you know what you’ve lost, or what you shouldnt care about losing. You have to move on from something and someone that made you less yourself. No matter how much you let yourself love them at the time. Thats where the flaws come into play, and you regret what you did and didnt do. I’m always saying I want to live a little bit more recklessly and care a bit less. But with recklessness comes heartbreak and stupidity and regret. And with such a beautiful life here, amazing friends and adventures and the chance to truly make something of myself and my art why would I ever want to care less.

Grace xxx

I’d be yours, if you’d be mine.

Lately I’ve been waiting around to make some changes.  I’ve had a crazy few months already and so now we come to April and I’m taking apart my room ready for decorating. All my pictures are off the walls and everything is in boxes. This is where I’ve sat and drawn everything, where my entire body of work has come from. My room was like a work of art in itself. But now I’m ready for the next chapter.

Today I’ve uncovered so many things I’d forgotten about. Unfinished drawings and photos and words that mean so much to me. Change is never easy but its time for a new outlook – and I dont feel the same way about things as I used to. I even found drawings from back when I was 17. And now at 22 its time for a new, more refined space to work in. Plus I have the most beautfiul antique dressing table to sit at and draw. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

IMG_7902 IMG_7904 IMG_7907 IMG_7917 IMG_7930 IMG_7952  IMG_7954 IMG_7964 IMG_7978 IMG_7981 IMG_7983 to blog1 (2) to blog1 to blog2

Grace xxx


Forever ago

I haven’t posted in forever, because for once life has gotten in the way of my art. Which is beautiful and crazy and also kind of freeing. But no fear – I’m back to work for this new year. Picking up my drawing pad again and my camera and making sense of my world. I am turning 22 next week, and this time last year I had no idea what I wanted. And when you have no idea anything can happen if you let it. And it turned out that 21 has been incredible and it has changed everything. And I can only hope for 22 to be just as wonderful.


IMG_5041 - Copy





IMG_3617 - Copy


Ghost of Christmas Past





Grace xxx

Grace and the Heart

Some exciting news today! One of my long time passions alongside my illustration is photography. I’ve posted a few of my photoshoots here already, but to see more please visit my new photography site:


But don’t worry, my illustrations will still remain here! And speaking of, the lovely Denise of new website Artspirant recently interviewed me about choosing an artistic career path.

You can read it here:


Grace xxx