You see the world in black and white…


April 143 IMG_9251 Bal project-9100 IMG_9245 IMG_9258 IMG_9261

April 142 IMG_9276 offleyplace grace and the heart-3267 offleyplace grace and the heart-3453 sunhotel-8991IMG_9268copy OA8B3719Bal project-8951offleyplace grace and the heart-3396what about today

Sometimes it’d good to take things back to basics. Pen and paper. Ink and water. To stop looking at things in colours or shades. Or ‘maybes’ or ‘one days’. To just take people for who they are in the moment that you have them and nothing more. Seeing things in black and white makes me stronger than ever. Makes me less fooled when people have no intention of sticking around.

Grace xxx

Wide Awake…




olivia doll with a frown

Pre Raphaelite



train ride - Copy (2)

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lily collins copy dollwithafrown


Boudoir Shoot

long last look 2 copy


I remember when this year began and someone told me that it was going to be unlucky. That the number 13 was set to change things up for everyone. Well I wish I knew then what I know now. Because now is beautiful. Now is worth everything that changed this year, its worth all the so called mistakes and lessons. I am exactly where I’m meant to be.

Grace xxx

PS. I just want to thank you all for your lovely comments, likes & follows, they mean the absolute world to me. It is truly amazing to know the things that you see in my work & how it resonates with you. <3

Ilustrations: Rose Tinted Glasses



Some beautiful Illustrations by my good friend and up and coming fashion designer Rebecca Suan Li Goh <3 Please check out her new blog to spy some of my photography contributions and her incredible designs!

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Initial Concept Illustrations by Rebecca Suan Li Goh, exploring the idea of a sweeter side of romantic love that is often blind to the darker realities of the relationship. These illustrations follow a beautiful distortion of perception.

collage copy


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It’s all coming back to me now…


banished every memory IMG_2174 Haunted copy Haunted2 brick

IMG_4193 copy - Copy IMG_4989 IMG_0472

Summer time round here seems to be getting a bit hazy, and a little bit slow. Photography adventures are cut short by the sun setting too quickly. And so its time to settle back into my desk with my paintbrush! This year has changed me, broken me down, built me up and taught me so much that if I didnt have all of this I wouldnt know where to begin. I’m so thankful to be able to say that now, more than ever I know where I’m heading.

I’m so lucky to have all of you here to share this with, and I appreciate all of your lovely comments! Here’s a few pics from recent Grace & the Heart photoshoots, with a bit of a Doll with a Frown twist.

Grace xxx